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Aha! Financial – Why the name "Aha!"?

Aha! Financial – Why the name "Aha!"?

June 20, 2022

Financial planners and advisors help clients manage and protect their finances. They provide advice and direction on saving for retirement, staying up to date on tax laws, financial tools, estate planning and more. There’s a lot more to it than that but you get the general idea.

At Aha! Financial, we have the skills and competencies to provide all the services outlined above. But we’ve adopted a different methodology to financial planning. We look at planning a secure financial future as a highly personal process.

The “Aha” moment for me: I prefer a more impactful role.
As CEO and founder of Aha Financial, I brought extensive experience in the wealth management sector to the table prior to launching this firm. Initially, I was an MIT electrical engineer. In switching gears from engineering to financial planning, I had an ‘Aha’ moment. Designing computer chips was important work, and there was customer interaction. However, I now choose to align with customers on a more personal level by helping them prepare for a secure financial future.

The “Aha” moment for clients: When they realize they should take control of their finances.
Clients have reached out to me when they experience their own ‘aha’ moments. 

It’s the moment they have when they realize they should take control of their money. It’s the moment when they realize that real-life circumstances really affect their lives, and they need to do something about it for themselves and their loved ones. Or it’s the moment when they realize they are in complete information overload and financial planning isn’t their bailiwick.

It’s your money. When you’re ready to protect your money, call me.
It takes a great deal of time to make critical financial decisions. And it’s often the case that the more you know, the more choices you have and then the more research you delve into.  

You can continue to search the internet. You can get advice from friends. You can get advice from your parents. Or your light bulb goes off and you think it may be time to get advice from a professional that really knows how to protect your money. 

At Aha! Financial, our clients come to us with real-life stories and real-life challenges. They know that their financial security has a huge impact on those they love and the businesses they’ve built. And they’re aware there’s no time like the present to start protecting both.

Click here or call when you’re ready to speak with a qualified financial coach. I’m always up for a conversation.

Don Gottfried, CFP®, CLU®, CLTC

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