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Open Enrollment Benefits. What Don’t You Know?

Open Enrollment Benefits. What Don’t You Know?

November 17, 2022

Open enrollment time…yikes! That might be your first reaction as you sift through all the paperwork trying to make some kind of sense of the offers, options, and benefits. If you are completely confused and overwhelmed, do not feel embarrassed! Many of us feel the exact same way! If you haven’t been trained to know what to look for and what you should want, it can be extremely stressful trying to make a decision.

You might feel pressed to make a rushed and uninformed decision simply to have something completed and handed in by the deadline, but are you confident in that decision? Are you worried that you didn’t choose the best option available to you because you didn’t have anyone to guide you in your decision? 

That’s where Aha! Financial comes in! 

Open enrollment is just one of the things that we specialize in! We want you to bring all your concerns, questions, and confusion to us so we can help you make sense of it all and make the right decisions for you and your family. 

Nothing is more important than making sure that your family has the protection that they need when it comes to healthcare and investments. Open enrollment is a crucial time because it is the one time in the calendar year when you can adjust your employer-provided benefits. If you need to make changes to your healthcare and insurance,  this is the window of time to get it done. 

There are a lot of different aspects to consider when choosing a plan for the year. What is the monthly premium cost? What is the deductible? What is covered on the plan? Will there still be a cost to you after the yearly deductible is met? 

We can help you determine what your options are, what is best for you, and give you the peace of mind that is very hard to obtain when you are working in isolation. Sometimes the documents just don’t appear to make sense. In addition to making sure your family is properly covered, these choices also have the potential to save or make you substantial money.

Open enrollment doesn’t have to be a scary time. Aha! Financial is here to calm your fears and get you the best value and protection for you and your family.